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August 11, 2016

Don't just cater your Office Event, Create a memorable experience

The struggles of organizing the catering for an employee luncheon.

Have you ever been in this situation?

You have been volunteered for the opportunity to organize Catering for the office staff. Whether it's a business meeting that you want to make more compelling by offering some food, or a reward for a great performance in the quarter, at one point or another, this responsibility may fall on your shoulders.

Take it as a challenge to create a unique and exciting tasteful experience for your deserving guest or staff.

The fact is, in this world of ever evolving health concerns and dietary needs it's difficult to find a catering service that will be able to provide a magic bullet solution.

Things to consider are:

- Satisfying the variable palette of the people in your meeting.

- Providing Flavor and excitement in the presentation and the dishes.

- Considering the Lifestyle choices of your Gluten Free and Vegetarian Guest.

Thats where choosing a good caterer is key. Anyone can call up the local barbecue place or local pizza chain and get the huge amount of food for your dollar. Easy choices but impressing your various guests and employees falls a bit short.

As considerate as it may seem to send out a survey before an event asking about dietary concerns, in this ON Demand world, you have the Opportunity to Show off your creativity and foresight by choosing a caterer that has already considered these various needs ahead of time in the dishes they provide.

De La Vega’s Catering Menu Provides an easily customizable assortment of dishes that has already taken into account the potential needs and consideration of your guest. The dishes are easy to customize and vary and are unique and full of flavor. When served, they allow the folks who are vegetarian or gluten intolerant to build their dish to their liking. At the same time, it gives the event organizer, the chance to appear as the Hero and Genius for making such a great choice!

Step up and overcome that next event you need to have Catered and Give them an experience that they will enjoy with a unique flair, full of flavor, with something for everyone to enjoy and Love. The way to Everyone’s Heart after all, is through their Stomach.

Our rock star staff.


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